Untamed boudoir

Nobody knows what to wear or how to prepare for a boudoir session, especially if its something WAY out of your comfort zone. No worries, though! I put together this guide to help you get the most out of your boudoir session from start to finish!

Take the time and read through this guide and start to prepare for your boudoir session with me! We are going to have SO much fun and you’re going to look SO hot, friend. Seriously!

what do i wear

Outfits are probably the hardest part of preparing for a boudoir session. Once you have those out of the way, everything else is pretty easy.

I recommend clients bring 2-4 different things, more than that will really cut into your session time and less will get a little repetitive. I recommend bringing things that you feel awesome in, but also bring something out of your comfort zone. Go get something you are iffy about, that you would NEVER buy under normal circumstances, but that your significant other (S/O from here on out) will go crazy over.

this is the most important thing!!!!!

These images are for two people, most of the time. (If you are single and doing these for yourself, YAS QUEEN, just ignore this.)

You should choose things you feel great, hot, and powerful in but also choose things your SO would like. In the weeks and months leading up to your boudoir session, pick their brain a little - without telling them about the session if its a secret - ask them about their fetishes, their fantasies, and the things that they DREAM about you doing or wearing. Take notes so you don’t forget and then bring those to your session! Buy outfits that you know he would go crazy over, even if its something you aren’t into. It may be 100000% out of your comfort zone but we gonna do it, just go ahead and buy the stuff.

Handcuffs, bondage, role play outfits and the like are all welcome! My only rules are no sex toys, save those for your SO!

Some guys are more simple, and their ultimate fantasy may be you in their t-shirt and your underwear, so steal one of his t-shirts for your session! Work shirts, dress shirts etc are also good!

!!!!!! Feel out YOUR man and what HE likes, and try to incorporate that into at least half of your session !!!!!!!!

Other than that, here’s a list of ideas….

> sexy bra with matching panties - lace and detail is always nice, and you can’t go wrong with black or red. Buying something different and out of the box is always an awesome idea as well, like the set below!

If you are insecure about your lower tummy, high waisted panties are the way TA GO ladies. They are awesome.


> Bodysuits. I love, LOVE bodysuits if you are insecure about your tummy or stretch marks on your belly. They are super sexy while offering a little more coverage.

> Babydolls are another good option if you are insecure about your tummy and hips. Still sexy, super flattering!


> Straps are super sexy and if your SO is into bondage type stuff, can be a huge turn on!


> Corsets are a classic and can be super flattering! You can also add stockings and fish nets to these! If you are insecure about your boobs, these are also good because you can put a push up in them to give the girls an extra boost.


> casual clothes are also hot, if that is something your SO likes. Big sweaters with underwear and tall socks, tanks without a bra, t-shirt and panties, or your SO’s dress/work shirts are all awesome ideas.


Accesorize! Heels, jewelry, cuffs, bracelets, earrings and all of those things can and should be added to your session!

Here are a few lay flats that will help you get an idea of how to mix and match and accessorize.

This also shows how you can be more sexy and more modest, if you have some insecurities!


how do i prepare?

  1. Make some boudoir tea. This tea will help reduce bloating and water weight and boost metabolism. I always recommend you drink a cup a day for a week leading up to your session!

    | Warm water, 1 cu

    | Organic apple cider vinegar [with mother: the little non-appealing brown things that sink to the bottom], 1 Tbsp. 

    | Organic raw honey, 1 tsp

    | ½ lemon [squeezed]

  2. Avoid foods that make your feel bloated. Eat light meals and avoid salt, sugar, carbonated drinks, alcohol, beans, dairy and CHEWING GUM!

  3. Refrain from spray tanning or getting a major spray tan. I love and hate spray tans. They make you look and feel awesome but they can be hard to photograph. They tend to photograph orange and be splotch on your hands and bikini line. If you want to get a spray tan, get a light one, not a double, protect your fingers, and GET SPRAYED COMPLETELY NUDE! I will not photoshop out spray tan lines people!

  4. Pamper yourself. Get your nails and toes done. Get a fresh hair cut or color. Shave (use something for razor bumps/burn!!!), moisturize and come to your session feeling rested and relaxed.

  5. If you get your own makeup done, wear false eyelashes. This is basically a requirement. If you show up without them, we are leaving and getting some from the Dolla Store. I’m serious. Wear them!

  6. Speaking of makeup, if you are booking a session without hair and makeup YOU HAVE TO GET PRO HAIR AND MAKEUP DONE with the artist of your choice. The cheaper session is NOT a way for you to save money. It is a way for you to use the artist you love and trust, instead of my team who you may have never used. ONLY do your own hair and makeup if you are 10000000% confident in your skills and love LOVE the way you look when you do your own more than using an artist. Trust me here!

  7. TRUST. Trust your photographer. Trust me! Let me do my thang. I will pose you and tell you exactly what to do, so you literally have to do nothing but show up with your clothes.

  8. The day of the shoot, wear loose fitting clothes and no bra to avoid leaving red marks on your skin!

  9. Wear clear deodorant the day of your shoot

frequently asked questions

Q: How many outfits can I bring?

A: 2-4. Remember you have 1.5 hours, including change time. Too many outfits will cut into shooting time but too few will be boring.

Q: How revealing can I be during my session?

A: As revealing as you want! I do lots of boudoir sessions and have done fully nude to fully clothed sessions! I almost always do some of the session bra-less so be prepared for that!

Q: Can I have wine?

A: Yep! I can’t provide it due to TABC laws, but feel free to bring your own!

Q: What if I don’t know how to be sexy…?

A: Cool. I know how to make you sexy. It’s a match made in heaven. Next.

Q: Okay but I’m REALLY awkward, are you sure?

A: Yep! I love and am good at what I do! You gotta trust me!

Q: My husband like whips and chains and collars and ropes and…. is that too much?

A: Nope! Bring it on! This is YOUR boudoir session!

Q: Will you post my images online?

A: Only the ones you have given me permission to post in your booking form, and I never post full nude images.

Q: What is a shower session?

A: At the end of your session, we get to wash off all that pretty hair and makeup in the shower. But, the hot images are worth it! You can also do a bubble bath session if you’d prefer, but the shower ones are the most popular.


These are just some additional images and outfits to draw inspiration from when shopping for your session.