heirloom print pricing + info

 Heirloom prints are a bit different than normal prints, in the best way! These prints are printed on gorgeous, professional quality matte paper that will resist discoloration and fading for 100+ years. After printing, they are carefully mounted to a thick piece of cotton and styrene mat-board that will prevent the print from bending, curling, or becoming damaged. You can display the prints as is or they can also be framed, as we choose to mount to a thinner mat.

These aren’t prints you can go buy at the store, and you can feel the professionalism and quality when you hold them, and all of the rich, deep colors are guaranteed to be true to tone.

price list

  • 5X7 | $50

  • 8x10 | $75

  • 11x14 | $100

  • 16X20 | $150

  • 20x24 | $200

  • 30 x 40 | $450