frequently asked questions

Q: Where are you located?

A: While technically I live in a little town called, Lumberton, TX, I mainly service Houston, Austin and the Beaumont areas. Since Lumberton is a little small, I prefer to shoot in bigger towns in addition to Lumberton. Since I choose to service and market to places away from where I actually live, travel is always included in wedding packages! All I ask is that if your venue is 2+ hours away from Lumberton, that you stick me in a hotel the night of the wedding for safety reasons - those long drives home after a day of shooting are brutal!

q: Do you shoot families, kids, Seniors, maternity, birth, etc?

A: I do! While I focus on weddings, engagements, bridal and boudoir I absolutely love to take on family sessions here and there. I will pretty much shoot anything requested as long as it fits my style, and our second photographer shoots births and fresh 48 sessions. But, weddings and couples are definitely my speciality! The only thing I don’t ever shoot are studio newborns, because, well, I don’t have a studio! Anything else, I’m down for, just message me so we can throw around some ideas!

q: how long have you been shooting weddings? How do I know you’re legit?

A: I’ve been shooting weddings full time for 3 years now, and shot part time or was a second shooter for about 4 years before that. I’ve spent LOTS of time shooting weddings, and usually book 35-45 a year because I am insane. I truly love what I do though, and it doesn’t ever feel like work. In this day and age when you hear about photographers never returning images, falling off the face of the planet, etc, I try to be as trustworthy as possible. I give you my business email, personal email, personal cell, address, all the things. You can get in touch with me anytime. I am HUGE on communication and get back to people as quick as I can.

q: Will you fit in at my wedding? what do you like to do?

A: I think its super important to have someone you “click” with at your wedding. I want to feel like that friend that you really love but only see once every 5 years and that doesn’t take a lot of your time commitment. I am 27 years old, have two kids, and am the worlds okay-est mom. I really like beer, Mexican food, The Astros, fuzzy jackets, and the outdoors. I’m a little sarcastic, friggin’ love dogs, and when I’m with my friends I’m usually the life of the party. I like to laugh and have fun, and I’m normally always in a good mood. I’m probably the most laid back person you’ll ever meet, and like to go with the flow. I hate spaghetti squash (so glad that fad is ending) and white claws (sorry but really, I’m not sorry.) Photography is my full time job, and its 100% my passion in life. My business is literally like my third child.

Q: I want to book with you! How do i get started?

A: Just contact me via the contact form on this website or my Facebook business page and we can get you set up. I do all of my bookings online, which makes it really quick and easy!