hospital or home birth


All birth sessions include...

our birth photographer, Allison, on call 24/7 surrounding your due date

coverage from approximately 5-6cm dilated until one hour after birth or c-section prep until one hour back in regular room

50-100 edited images with digital downloads and print release

slideshow with highlight images, music, and sound-clips from your delivery posted within 48 hours of birth

10-15 minute video of your delivery and the moments following, including first cries



We require $200 to hold your spot. To ensure that births do not overlap, we only take limited clients per month. The remaining balance is due 30 days before your due date. We take cash, paypal, or can send an invoice to pay by card. 

birth vs wedding

Emily Michelle also offers wedding photography, which often brings up a concern of the photographer being at a wedding when you go into labor - by  booking with us, you can be sure that your photographer will be on-call as needed & not have other clients or events that would conflict with your birth. Allison, our birth photographer, captures all of our birth sessions and only covers births! 

edited images

We edit in a moody, warm, film style. Please be familiar with our style before booking.  You will receive anywhere from 50-100 images from your birth (approximately). Images will be edited and delivered via online gallery, and will include a print release and digital download. 


Depending on what hospital and doctor you deliver with, we may or may not be allowed inside the OR. Be sure and check with your doctor and hospital policies. If for some reason we are not allowed in the OR, we will still capture all of the moments leading up to the birth as well as the moments following. At times, we are able to send  dad in with our cameras. Birth is unpredictable, and many times decisions are made on the fly, but we will do whatever we can to capture your birth. 

Home birth

We love home births! All pricing and policies apply to home births as hospital births.