Hey! I’m Emily. Lead photographer and creator of Emily Michelle Photography - I really think you should probably like your wedding photographer, because I’ll be around pretty much all day the biggest day of your life… no big deal. It would be super awkward to have someone there that you don’t click with, but thankfully, I’m pretty darn cool. Or so my 4 year old tells me. But, he also thinks his boogers are the shit right now, so I’ll let you decide.

For starters, I really like craft beer, dogs, the Houston Astros, Target (but who doesn’t like Target…) and all mediums of cheese. Queso. Velveeta. Gouda. You name it. My absolute passion in life is photography, though. There isn’t a day I don’t have my camera…. much to the disappointment of my husband and my kids… they’re ready to sell me.

I’m a little sarcastic, super laid back, and like to go with the flow, while still having a plan. My mom says my super power is keeping everything together, but not panicking when things go wrong. I like to think that my super power is eating 14 tacos in one sitting, which I feel is much more impressive, but I try to let her have her moment.

Photography has been my passion for 7 years now, and I got my start working for a newspaper in the town I grew up in. I really enjoyed the photography part of that job more than anything, and decided to attend Lamar University for journalism and photography, which was OK, but found I wasn’t learning too much about the way I truly wanted to create art. I loved the journalistic aspect (which is still prevalent in my shooting style even today) but I didn’t want to do things the technical way, or the way they’ve always been done, so I left Lamar and started training under some of the best wedding and portrait photographers in the US while crafting my own way of shooting.

I went full time with my business in 2017 and truly think I’ve created something unique and different, and am so in love with my job. I love ALL of my clients and really want them to have a great experience from start to finish, and even after.

I hate talking about myself so this was literally painful to write, but I hope this gives you an idea of the complete stranger you’d be hanging out with a little on your wedding day, and I REALLY hope you want to book with EMP. Especially if you have dogs in your wedding party.


EMP isn’t just lil’ ole me - it takes a team to run a tight ship, and I have the BEST team ever!



photographer, taco connoisseur


photographer, lover of naps



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